Timothy J. Sylvia, Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Johnston, Murphy, and Sylvia LLC

    Timothy J. Sylvia is a partner with the law firm of Johnston, Murphy & Sylvia, LLC, serving clients throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.  His areas of practice include probate, probate litigation, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, guardianship of minors, guardianship of incapacitated persons, personal injury, collaborative law, civil litigation and the general practice of law.

    Over the years Tim has found that the opportunity to get to know his clients is an essential part of serving them.  By building relationships built on trust and confidence it becomes easier to help a client meet their objectives.  He has learned that each client truly believes that their case is the most important case on his desk.  As such, he tries to convey to the client that he understands thier expectations and will work diligently to help achieve them.  Tim enjoys the practice of law and putting his knowledge and experience to work for all of his clients.  He looks forward to getting to know you, working with you, and assisting you with each and every case.

    Timothy J. Sylvia, practices law in Maryland in the following jurisdictions, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City and in Washington, D.C.

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